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Steering Committee 2021-2022

Ryan Conrad, Chair /
TBD, Vice Chair/
Patrick Keitly, Treasurer /
Gary Lee Pelletier, Secretary/
Cait McKinney, Program Coordinator/
Carina Guzmán, Membership Coordinator/
Camille Intson, Communications Officer/
TBD, Local Area Coordinator/

SSA Constitution

Purpose: The Sexuality Studies Association (SSA) is a multi- and interdisciplinary association for scholars, artists, activists and other community members who have an interest in teaching, study, and/or practices of sex, sexuality and gender diversity. The SSA provides opportunities to connect with each other and the broader research, artistic, and activist communities, and to mentor and support each other in our work. The SSA provides these opportunities by overseeing an email discussion list and web page (along with other social media tools as befit the needs of the moment), and by organizing an annual conference to be held under the auspices of the Congress of the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Non-profit Status: The organization shall be carried on without purpose of financial gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the organization shall be used to promote its objectives.

Amendments to the Constitution: Any member of the SSA may propose amendments to the Constitution at the Annual General Meeting. Proposed amendments must be approved by 2/3 of those members present in order to be adopted.

Membership: Membership in the SSA is open to anyone with an interest in issues pertaining to sex, sexuality and gender diversity.

Membership Fee: The membership fee will be approved by the Steering Committee and will be presented to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Membership must approve the annual membership fee and any changes to that fee. The Association maintains four levels of membership: Individual; Students/Postdocs/Contract/Low and Unwaged/Retirees/ Community Members; Sustaining; and Institutional. Individuals may request an annual fee waiver should the cost of membership be prohibitive.

Meetings: An Annual General Meeting shall be held at least once in every calendar year, normally in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, and not more than fifteen months after the last such meeting, at a place and time designated by the Steering Committee.

Social Media: The SSA social media spaces will be used to share art, activist, community organizing, research, and other not-for-profit activities related to sexuality, and to exchange ideas and engage in debate. The SSA prohibits the posting, advertising, or promoting of for-profit products and private services, excluding small scale, artistic, writing, or performance works with a clear and strong link with the SSA Statement of Purpose. The SSA reserves the right to delete/not transmit postings or announcements that do not fit within this mandate or otherwise violate this policy, as well as postings/announcements deemed offensive by the Communications Committee that oversees the social media pages.

Quorum: All votes that unfold at the Annual Meeting must meet the quorum of the association. A quorum for the transaction of business at an Annual General Meeting shall consist of five per cent of the membership, or twenty members, whichever is less.

Structure: The Steering Committee is comprised of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the chairs of main operating committees (a Communications Officer; Program Officer; Community, Culture and Action Officer, and the Volunteer Coordinator). These positions are to be elected by the membership at meetings of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences or via online election of the membership. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and other Officers/Chairs normally hold tenure for two years, and the Treasurer normally three years. Should no one be available to fill any of the above positions after a two-year term, the existing holder of that position may, by vote of the membership, continue as Chair for a maximum of one additional year.

Normally the Chair shall take up the post automatically after serving two years as Vice-Chair. The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Committee and shall preside at all meetings of the Steering Committee and the membership, shall have the general and active management of the affairs of the Committee and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the membership are carried into effect.

The Vice-Chair shall be elected for a term of 2 years at the Annual General Meeting or via online voting of the membership. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chair and shall ensure that the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting are produced in both official languages.

While the Association is also interested in having separate Independent Scholar and Graduate Student representation in the Steering Committee, such positions are currently beyond the scope of the Association to organize, given its current size and age. However, we see these as strong priorities for revisiting once the Association is more established and actively encourage both Graduate Student and Independent Scholar involvement in all of our other committees, including the possibility of such member becoming their committee’s representative on the Steering Committee.

Auditors: Any member of the SSA may examine the books and records of the association. Official auditors shall be appointed by the Executive and confirmed by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The report of the auditors shall be submitted to the Executive and through it to the members along with any recommendations arising from the report.

Updated June 1st 2020